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An Alumni Channel website and database is the fast and easy way for organizations to organize and communicate with alumni and other membership. Our software service is both a database and a website designed around your logo, colors and photos.


Our websites are designed with both the member and the staff (administrator) in mind.


An email blast feature allows you to communicate to individual classes, other groups, or to the whole membership. News and event postings keep all visitors in the know.


Each member has a personal profile that can be updated by the site manager or the member him/herself. All data is exportable to a spreadsheet.


Member directories and class pages give your members more freedom to visit the site and engage with others. LInks to members' social networks and the ability for all to message each other is a key building block.

  • Included are site enhancements, data backups, and technical support.
  • Alumni Channel makes light work of organizing, and communicating with, your alumni.
  • Never store membership data in spreadsheets or organize paper membership forms again!


Founded by Chris Gehringer in 1998, Alumni Channel is the host of over 75 membership and alumni web sites. Our cloud-based sites help you save time. We also offer the ability to maintain your site on a monthly basis.