Why should I give back to my University or College? | LinkedIn

Universities and colleges all over the globe have some sort of Alumni and Development function within their institution.

This function is designed to enhance relationships with alumni and former staff whilst simultaneously enhancing the experience of current students and staff at the institution.

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LinkedIn Alumni Tool plugin (widget)

LinkedIn is continually seeking ways to better integrate LinkedIn technology with education sites.  Highlight what your alumni are up to now and showcase the diversity of their career paths to your current and prospective students.  Embed this university/college widget into your existing sites.

Please visit the overview page here: http://university.linkedin.com/content/dam/university/global/en_US/site/pdf/AlumniToolWidgetOne-pgr-final.pdf

Additionally, here’s an example of the Alumni widget in action on an Alumni Channel site: http://iarnetwork.com/

and on a Colgate site: http://www.colgate.edu/distinctly-colgate/success-after-colgate

Other LinkedIn plugins are listed here: https://developer.linkedin.com/plugins

4 Things Alumni / Member Organizations Should Stop Doing Now

After a career in alumni relations and institutional advancement,  I’ve since spent the last several years as a member marketing consultant for organizations ranging in size from a few thousand members  to over a million.

I’ve learned a lot from diving into the inner-workings of various types of member groups, identifying and dissecting their problems, and offering solutions to improve member engagement. I’ve heard every excuse possible about why their marketing efforts are not succeeding, and I’ve noticed several patterns among these poor performing member groups. Here are four of the most common things I asked these member groups to stop doing:

Alumni Access Blog — Posted by Gary Toyn

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Los Alamitos School District Launches Alumni Channel

Organization LogoThis past week we welcomed Los Alamitos School District and their new alumni community for Los Al High School.  Los Alamitos High School (also known as Los Al) is a 3000 student public high school, going back to the mid 1920s, located in Los Alamitos, California, and also serving the city of Seal Beach and the community of Rossmoor.  Visit Los Al alumni at http://alumni.losal.org.  Just today 133 alumni joined their community!

New ways colleges target rich alumni – money.cnn.com

Targeting alumni for donations is big business for colleges and universities — and schools are getting more savvy with their tactics.

Called “prospect research,” the practice of targeting wealthy alumni is not new. But the tools are getting better: complex data models using massive databases that store everything from wealth and income to class reunion attendance.

via New ways colleges target rich alumni – Feb. 24, 2014.

A Few Good Tools for Peer-to-Peer Fundraising | Idealware

Peer-to-peer fundraising isn’t new. For years, many organizations have engaged supporters to raise funds on their behalf—everyone from staff and volunteers to program participants and current donors. Traditionally these individual campaigns took the form of walk-a-thons and similar events at which supporters enlist sponsors from their own networks of colleagues, friends, and family. Informally, this kind of distributed fundraising is sometimes called “team,” “a-thon,” or “friend-to-friend” fundraising.

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How Schools Can Provide Value To Alumni | LinkedIn

(Written for Universities, the concepts and ideas can be applicable to any type of education institution.)

The college experience lasts four (… or five or six) years. The alumni experience lasts a lifetime. As such, it makes sense that the ROI discussion centers around the impact of one’s degree after college. I would argue that the services, programs, and opportunities offered by schools to their alumni are of equal importance to those offered as part of the college experience itself.

Here are a couple ways that universities can stay relevant and provide value to alumni . . .

How Universities Can Provide Value To Alumni | LinkedIn.