How to build successful online communities

These latest artilces are from, a community building blog, that shares tips and advice on how to build successful online communities whether they are forums, blogs, chat sites or social networks.

  • Nobody likes a desperate community administrator
    If you want your online community to be a success, you need to be involved in it. You should create content, interact with new members and encourage them to be active. Just don’t come across as desperate, though.
  • When is your online community ready to launch?
    How do you know when your new online community is ready to launch? What do you need to consider before launching online communities? This article will help you determine whether your community should be given the green light.
  • Add depth to your online community for success
    A brand new online community will always be a challenge to establish when set amongst existing competition. By adding depth and additional value to your online community though, you can level the playing field.
  • 5 ways to attract members to a social networking site
    One of the best ways to attract members for your online community is through the quality of your content. If you have high quality, unique, relevant and up-to-date content then you are far more likely to attract members.