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2013-View-LIBRARY-ARTICLE-ButtonCareer colleges and schools have a unique opportunity to create a relationship with alumni that is mutually beneficial.  Create an active alumni presence to increase enrollment, retention and placement for your entire school.  Provide your alumni with valuable services and seek their help to enhance your educational programs and career services, as well as marketing and admissions.

Successful graduates are an important part of a career college community.  Schools want to keep in touch with their alumni to hear their success stories about where they are now and how they got there.  You also will recognize that career development does not end at graduation and that in these unprecedented economic times, the need for alumni career development support is even greater.

Even though they've graduated, encourage your alumni to continue participating in your "community."  As an alum, your graduates can visit your online alumni community any time, making it easy to stay connected with graduates in their field, and exchange advice and obtain job information.  Alumni can also continue to interact one-on-one with instructors and school personnel, helping them stay on top of new trends and developments in their career field.

Be committed to maintaining a strong relationship with alumni and continue to pursue opportunities that benefit them.


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"The site is simple and easy to use with a quick learning curve. I think it works great and would highly recommend the site for those that don't have IT creatives on-hand to manage and maintain their own website. Service from the staff is exceptional. Helpful responses come quickly to questions, concerns and requests."
– Michael Long, Online Community Manager, Sullivan University System, Kentucky

"Alumni Channel has brilliant minds and passionate hearts, and was a perfect fit in our time of greatest need. They are a consummate team-player; positive, upbeat and fun, focused and capable, innovative with ideas and always open to improving the status-quo.  They feature an ever changing list of enhancements that try improving the system; while maintaining superior customer service."
–Keisha Brown, Webmaster and Software Engineer, Webb Institute, Glen Cove, NY

"I have no hesitation recommending the Alumni Channel to other educational establishments.  If you're looking for the kind of customer support which puts you on a down to earth level between provider and client, then I highly recommend Alumni Channel."
– Greta Musu, Head of Career Services & Alumni, IMI University Centre, Luzern, Switzerland