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Tech Support Status Update

Growing is a great thing, but it’s not without some bumps along the way.

January 13 and 14 saw the two busiest days for the Alumni Channel — over 100 verified registrations each day!

Over the last five days we have been experiencing some problems with getting the verification e-mails out to new sign-ups, and reminder e-mails out to those pending.
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New Functionality

I recently attended two conferences on young alumni relations where we learned a great amount of information on how to connect to different generations of alumni. We also listened to several organizations who told us about their needs in online communities. Through these and other discussions the Alumni Channel is going be looking into some of these ideas in 2008:

  • Event management (rsvp, participant lists, payment)
  • Photo galleries
  • Enhanced e-mail tracking (sent and opened statistics)
  • Additional contact information data points
  • Segmented reporting and e-mail blasts
  • Online networking and mentoring
  • More detailed reports
  • Segmentation by affinity groups / student organizations
  • Featured members

Update of Photos in your Gallery

The photos in your home page gallery appear on your computer after being saved to your computer’s browser cache. This means that a copy of the gallery is being displayed each time you visit your web site. The same is true for each of your visitors. Therefore, any changes you make to the gallery will not be visible until each person viewing the gallery clears the cache on his/her own computer. To get around this, the web site will force a refresh of the gallery every seven days to ensure all visitors see your latest changes.