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New Administrative Dashboard

For a few years, I’ve been thinking of putting together a single webpage that would allow admins to see the health of their site from one place. This dashboard would contain stats showing the vital aspects of any site and would give a quick glance at how things are going.​​
It’s now live and the dashboard provides an up-to-date glimpse into your site’s activity and data. Metrics are available on logins, registrations, updates, administrators, email blasts and more.

You can see all the profiles that have admin access. You can tell when other admins last logged in. You can see stats on your last email blasts.
The dashboard is accessible from both the homepage and the Admin page.

Donation Tracking Coming Soon

Alumni Channel is happy to announce that we are finishing a basic donation tracking capability.  This feature will allow site administrators to input donation records right from an individual member profile. A ‘donation tracking’ link will take admins to a page that provides an input form for new donations, as well as an edit link for existing records.

Each donation record has the capability to store “Donation Date”, “Amount”, “Reason” (could be used for campaign name, perhaps), “Acknowledgement Date”, and “Notes”.

Future enhancements would include additional reports and query capabilities.

The technology is currently in Beta testing (unlike the National Healthcare web site) and will be rolled out to all our communities toward the end of November 2013.

Customizing the Twitter Widget

If you have logged into your Twitter account and created a Twitter timeline widget, you can alter various properties so it displays how you want.  From the Twitter documentation here are a few tips:

To create a timeline you must be signed in to and visit the widgets section of your settings page.

For sites where the theme and link color do not provide enough customization to make the Tweets feel like they’re a part of the page, Twitter offers a set of additional client side customization features.  These settings allow you to control the background color, borders, header, and footer of the timeline. Continue reading

Sharing on Facebook, Twitter and More

We are excited to announce a new addition to our online community web service. “Sharing” capability has been added to Events and also to News. Through the popular “AddThis” service our communities’ visitors can now share events and news on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. There are even capabilities to print, add to favorites, and email the details.

This addition helps integrate sharing tools into our sites, spreading content, and driving social traffic. Over 350 services to share including Facebook Like, Twitter Tweet, Google +1, and Address Bar Sharing.

New Service: Data Import into Online Communities

In an effort to help clients get better use of their community we are announcing a new data import service that will drastically reduce the amount of time and effort to get new records (e.g. graduates) into our online communities each year.

The “Data Import” Service:

  • Send us a file
  • We upload it
  • Passwords are automatically generated
  • Newly imported members get a welcome e-mail with login information

We anticipate this service will be most useful for organizations that have recurring new members on an annual basis and might have had trouble in the past getting these members to sign up on their own.  This service will now avoid any uncertainty regarding if, and how many, new members will register on their own.

  • File must be in specific format
  • A template will be provided
  • Each file can contain any number of records
  • Cost for service is $200 per file imported

Contact us for more information, then start collecting name, address, phone, and e-mail addresses.  Once you have your data ready send us the file and we’ll work with you to get it imported.  That’s it!

RSVP Feature Available for Upcoming Events

Customers using the Upcoming Events feature will be pleased to notice they can now offer to their members an RSVP for each event.  Simple to use, the RSVP feature allows members to indicate ‘Yes’, ‘No’ or ‘Maybe’ for an event.  This information is then available to community administrators via a download report.  We hope this feature will go a long way in keeping alumni engaged and online longer at each of our customer communities.

New! Add Twitter to your Alumni Channel Website

We are happy to announce that Alumni Channel now works with Twitter!

Try these new features on for size:

  • Members can now make their Twitter account visible on their profile (just edit profile)
  • You can make your organization’s Twitter account visible on your home page

We actually now support all the most popular social networking applications in the same way (Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn too).  To see how your organization’s account would be showcased, see for an example of these icons (see the area just to the right of the message board heading).

New Features for Alumni Channel’s Online Communities

Customer satisfaction is our number one goal and we’re proud to have a superb client satisfaction rating over the last ten years.  Listening to our clients’ needs has help Alumni Channel develop the offering we have today.  Recent requests by alumni and clients that have been built into our communities include:

  • Profile linking support for Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn
  • Support for traffic analysis of your community through Google Analytics
  • Group/class pages
  • Private/public links
  • Expandable/collapsible news items
  • Job board/applicant tracking system
  • Missing member directory
  • Deceased member directory
  • Custom site header graphic
  • Fee-based membership management
  • New file manager with image thumbnails
  • Custom e-mail footer for outgoing system messages
  • Printable membership cards

Want to learn more about each of these new features?  Continue reading

Recent Website Enhancements!

Please note that we have implemented the following enhancements to all existing and future alumni sites:

1) Added user profile fields for phone contact info (home, work, cell).
This new functionality can be found on the new user registration page as well as on the edit profile page for existing users.

2) Added security feature that includes a “challenge” question and answer.
This new functionality can be found on the new user registration page as well as on the edit profile page for existing users.

3) Added mechanism that allows registered users to report website abuse to the site administrator(s).