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NJ Annual Conference for Education Foundations

Join fellow NJ education foundations and visit us at the New Jersey Education Foundation Partnership Inc. (NJEFP) Annual Conference on Saturday, November 13, 2010 in Princeton.  Learn how local education foundations can provide important educational programs and resources to local schools.  This conference will offer existing, new, and emerging education foundations resources to help education foundations reach their goals.

Focus on Alumni – Not Events – to Move Your Foundation

Focus on Alumni – Not Events – to Move Your Foundation

By Dave Sternberg

National Schools Foundation Association

If your foundation believes that fundraising events can financially carry your organization, you’d better think again. That’s the message that fundraising professional Dave Sternberg sends to directors and board members who want to rely solely on events to financially support their foundation. Continue reading

Starting a Foundation

What are public school foundations?

Education FoundationEducation foundations are “privately operated, nonprofit organizations established to assist public schools” and who qualify as charitable organizations, “different from school districts, public institutions or local governments” (Clay, Hughes, Seely & Thayer, 1985). A public school foundation “is designed to augment, supplement, or complement programs and activities currently being provided by the district” (McCormick, Baver & Ferguson, 2001). Continue reading

Schools’ Deep-Pocketed Partners

In the last decade, a growing number of parents, alumni and corporations have been donating private money to public schools for a wide range of school equipment, educational supplies, artists-in-residence and accouterments that go beyond the traditional PTA  gifts and what  may  otherwise be outside the local school board’s spending plan.

Consultants estimate that more than 5,000 such foundations exist nationwide, roughly equal to one  out  of  every three school districts.  The foundations seem to thrive best in well-off towns, whose residents are eager and able to support the schools, and in distressed cities that can attract traditional grants aimed at easing poverty.

Schools’ Deep-Pocketed Partners, The New York Times, June 3, 2007