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LinkedIn Alumni Tool plugin (widget)

LinkedIn is continually seeking ways to better integrate LinkedIn technology with education sites.  Highlight what your alumni are up to now and showcase the diversity of their career paths to your current and prospective students.  Embed this university/college widget into your existing sites.

Alumni Tool Plugin data sheet

Additionally, here’s an example of the Alumni widget in action on a Colgate site: http://www.colgate.edu/distinctly-colgate/success-after-colgate.  You can even link to your school’s ‘notable alumni‘.

Other LinkedIn plugins are listed here: https://developer.linkedin.com/plugins.  And they have a page dedicated to Higher Ed Professionals with all kinds of resources.

What has been your experience with starting Alumni groups? | LinkedIn

From: Non-Profit Program Manager and Creative Problem Solver

We’re a 20 + year old organization that has not tracked participants or alumni up until now… a daunting task to start gathering information on folks who are no longer active. Thoughts? Suggestions? Experiences?

Thank you in advance!

What has been your experience with STARTING Alumni groups? | LinkedIn.