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Social Media Reduce Allure of High School Reunions – NYTimes.com

Remember Me From Yesterday?

The New York Times style section ran a piece asking the question, “Remember me from yesterday?”  With social networks like Facebook becoming a high school of sorts on its own (where you virtually pass by casual acquaintances, friends, and “frenemies” alike), is there any mystery left for attending your high school reunion?”

Social Media Reduce Allure of High School Reunions – NYTimes.com.

Affinity Reunions are better than Class Reunions

From one of CASE’s discussion lists for alumni relations professionals, Dr. Mary Kay Cooper, Director of Alumni Relations for Trinity University in San Antonio, writes “As I think we all know, affinity reunions are a best practice in alumni relations. Research and our experiences tell us that graduates often gravitate toward other graduates who have like interests–often more so than gravitating toward classmates.” Continue reading