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Alumni News is Not Really Alumni Engagement | Higher Ed Live

All of us in alumni engagement are charged with generating school spirit by helping alumni grow personally and professionally under the university flag. Although the eventual goal is to create goodwill resulting in gifts of time and dollars, most of us are trying to promote programs and initiatives for our alumni over the short term that will cause a connective spark.

Many institutions rely on reporting alumni news as a central tenant to their alumni constituency engagement strategy. Our communicators publish unbiased, journalistically sound, news articles that showcase professional achievements or unique philanthropic efforts. But this reporting doesn’t really drive alums to do anything.

For example: perhaps fictional alumnus, Steve Studly ’81 has been named to the Georgia State Lawyers “Best Lawyers of 2012” list, or alumnae Mary Matters ’07 recently traveled to the Sudan and volunteered for the Red Cross. These are both excellent professional achievements, but neither will likely help sell your alumni engagement initiatives.

What do you want your alumni to do?

Source: Alumni News is Not Really Alumni Engagement | Higher Ed Live

Conference Call on Alumni Newsletters – Tuesday, November 12

A few alumni relations-minded folks (from the education arena) are getting together on a call to discuss a topic related to alumni relations (see below). This call-in format will allow you to participate and listen to Q&A and ideas from other institutions. This is not an Alumni Channel sponsored or endorsed event, but simply a resource to share.

Subject:  Alumni Newsletters
When:  November 12 at 1.00pm Eastern Time (10.00am Pacific Time, 6.00pm UK Time)
Call in details:  Conference Dial-in Number: (661) 673-8600
Participant Access Code: 828609#


  1. How do you send your newsletters out
  2. Do you use links/pdf and where do you post them
  3. Do you send out the same newsletter to all constituents
  4. What do you include in your newsletters, and what has been successful / unsuccessful
  5. Do you use any specific software for producing newsletters
  6. Any other questions/suggestions

If you have any questions regarding this call, please contact Sarah Terry at sarah_j_terry@hotmail.com.