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Benefits Rewarding Former Colleagues: Gone, but not forgotten Human Resources – News | HR News | HR Magazine | hrmagazine.co.uk

Should businesses be offering benefits to staff who no longer work for them? This article reveals how an increasing number of HR Directors are treating ex-staff just as well as existing ones.

via Benefits Rewarding Former Colleagues: Gone, but not forgotten Human Resources – News | HR News | HR Magazine | hrmagazine.co.uk.

Corporate Alumni Relations: The Basics

Have you heard? Educational institutions are not the only ones pursuing alumni relations. Corporate alumni relations continues to grow as an industry. What is it? Private sector firms maintaining communities of former employees – communicating with them about changes in their old firm, mining their networks for business referrals, and sometimes recruiting them back at the executive level.  Full story >>>

Greener pastures: The benefits of corporate alumni networks

There’s a lot of buzz going on about corporate alumni networks and for good reason. These networks can help companies keep in touch with a very valuable resource: former employees. In the past, employees who left a company were viewed as gone for good. But as the era of cradle-to-grave employment quickly fades away, perceptions toward those employees have changed.  Full story >>>

The Value of Corporate Alumni Networks

When employees leave, there are good reasons to stay in touch.

It used to be that when employees left a company, managers would wish them well, and both parties would simply move on. However, today many organizations are recognizing the value of staying in touch with former staff members by creating or supporting corporate alumni networks.

Alumni groups are worthwhile for employees and employers alike. Maintaining contact on a regular basis enables both parties to form advantageous business connections and continue building professional relationships over time. Rather than saying goodbye to valued team members when they leave your company, you will keep the door open to mutually beneficial opportunities.

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Hire Today, Gone Tomorrow? | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

Tough question: How can you hold onto your best people? Honest answer: You probably can’t. The real goal is to keep great people working with you, even after they’ve stopped working for you.

Forget such terms as “ex-employees” and “former colleagues.” The new term of choice is “alumni.”

Hire Today, Gone Tomorrow? | Fast Company | Business + Innovation.