Selling Merchandise on your Site; Get 7% Commission

Alumni Channel is happy to announce a new partnership with PrepSportswear that can return to you 7% of all online sales made on your site.

PrepSportswear in an online vendor of school and team clothing and other items.  The company’s solutions help schools, teams, booster clubs and community service organizations improve fundraising capabilities, increase revenues, and reduce the cost and complexity of managing and marketing apparel and clothing purchasing. They offer many unique product combinations with the ability to personalize each item.

Now you can earn money every time your alumni purchase from PrepSportswear. For every purchase your alumni make at, we will pay you a 7% commission.

See or for examples of the images that will appear on your page.

If you are interested in having merchandise available to your web site visitors and/or interested in making money to support your site/organization, let me know and I’ll get your button image installed today!