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14 (New & Updated) Best Practices to Grow Your Alumni Association

5 scary stats about your new millennial alumniMembership clubs and organizations are all the rage. Brands like Netflix®, Weight Watchers®, Crossfit® and a myriad other businesses are adopting a membership or subscription strategy to grow their businesses. According to Robbie Kellman Baxter’s best-selling book, The Membership Economy, businesses that embrace the membership model are finding success by building lasting relationships, using member networks and developing benefits with high value as a way of enhancing loyalty and boosting engagement.

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5 Things the Best University Alumni Networks Have in Common

Ask most alumni relations professionals the secret of success and they will have a common refrain.

They will tell you that best way to create a group of engaged, committed – and generous – alumni is to begin with a group of engaged, committed students.

What do you think makes an alumni network great?!
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School Profitability: Benefit from The Endorsement of Alumni

Set Up an Active Alumni Association to Stay in Touch with Your Grads

Career schools are discovering the impact of Alumni Associations. Gainful employment rules have many requirements that can be solved by Alumni Associations. You’ll be able to stay in touch with your grads to find out where they are working and possibly their earnings. Grads can help to increase enrollment, retention, and job placement. You’ll see a return on investment. And your school will stand out from your competition. Continue reading