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How To Survive the Gmail Tabs Marketing Apocalypse – Marketo.com

In the Spring of 2013, Google began rolling out a big restructure of the Gmail inbox, and many email marketers panicked. The Promotions tab that has been showing up in more and more Gmail accounts over the last two months has been repeatedly heralded as, “the death of email marketing.”

A couple of months later, however, we can step back from the apocalyptic rhetoric and take a look at what this really means.

  • Is the Gmail Promotions tab truly a bad thing?
  • How do we keep tabs on the impact of the tabs?
  • What should email marketers do in response?

How To Survive the Gmail Tabs Marketing Apocalypse – Marketo.com.

Email is Not Dead. Here’s Proof . . . » Effective Student Marketing

According to the infographic below from attachments.me, email is not dead!   To tell you the truth, it’s alive and growing.

Here are a few highlights:

• 3.3 billion = Total number of email accounts worldwide

• The number of email accounts beats instant messaging and social networking accounts in sheer numbers:

– Number of social networking accounts = 2.7 billion

– Number of instant messaging accounts = 2.7 billion

• $40 for every $1 invested = ROI of emailing marketing in 2011

Here are more statistics to prove that email is not dead: Continue reading

Use Video in Email | Mass Transmit

71% of adults who go online watch video.  Incorporating video into emails increases engagement and improves click-through rates.  Every marketer wants higher open rates, more clicks, more engaging emails and stickier websites. Using video (correctly) in email can achieve all of those goals. Video lightens the load of the copywriter, simplifies emails and enhances your brand image. Best of all, it’s a low-cost, high-impact, easily measurable email component.

Use Video in Email.