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History’s long standing camaraderie or rivalry comes with sports or sporting events. Sports fans have their psychological selves uplifted when their team wins. Be it sports fanaticism or an evening of casual playing, it is no doubt that roughing it out together, builds bonds that last a lifetime. There is something about running behind a ball, or hitting one with a bat that builds friendships and nurtures loyalty.

Are the relations that students make during their years at a campus any different ? Would your alumni be interested in teaming up with their buddies and going up against other alumni ? Turns out, that the idea of mixing sporting events with alumni meets are not new.

As you may expect, these hybrid events turned out to be astounding successes. Alumni are a lot more motivated to escape their busy schedules and take a bite out of the action, than they are to turn up to a fund raiser disguised as an alumni meet.

Lets take a look at  Dublin City University’s Annual President’s Cup, a golf tournament. This is a day long event. 16 teams turned up in the recent 16th edition of the event, graduates and students competed against each other. They also offered a course for alumni who want to learn Golf. The day was filled with fun, yummy food, some rivalry, new relationships, learning new golf tricks and an award ceremony for all the winners. Most importantly, the fee raised from the event went to the DCU annual alumni fund. To learn more about the DCU Annual President’s cup, take a look at the video below.

Likewise, numerous universities and colleges in the United Kingdom such as University of Birmingham, University College London and others, host ‘Alumni Sports Day’ activities to engage their alumni community as well as their students.

It is a lot of fun to play sports. But to play a game with your buddies from the good ol’ days – that’s supreme! Organize an alumni reunion as a sporting event and see the magic happen.

Source: Fun, Rivalry and Alumni Engagement! | Almabase Blog

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