Suggestion: Better Listing of the Missing

Submitted by Jeff Chrzanowski of Cherokee High School:

I also thought of something that might be interesting–make a list of people in a class that someone else wants to hear from. I can think of some people from my class that I’d like to find out about and maybe someone who reads the class lists knows the person and can tell him or her that someone was looking for him or her. Not like a forum category–that would take up too much space and most people might not bother reading it. Put something on the home page or on each class page that asks “Who would you like to hear from?” and a registered user can enter a name and class, and that person’s name would be listed in a separate area (missing classmates?) on his or her class page. Maybe someone who knows this person sees the name and tells him or her that someone on the alumni site was asking about him or her and hopefully will get that person to register. Whether the requestor wants his/her name listed on the request is up for debate.

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