What’s Your Persona in Your Alumni Office? Take the Quiz

What's your persona in  your alumni office?

In a well functioning alumni office, it’s important that everyone work together to make things happen. And because so many tasks need to get done, we tend to be drawn toward those assignments that play to our strengths.

Every office seems to have a person best suited to tackle complex administrative responsibilities,  or someone who loves planning and executing big events, or someone with the longevity and “institutional memory” to provide some historical prospective on new activities and programs.

But if everyone in your office has the same strengths and weaknesses, important programs or tasks may be neglected or ignored, and the success of your organization may suffer.

When it comes to all those who work in your alumni relations office, how do you fit in among your staff and co-workers?  What’s your alumni relations persona?

Take this fun, ten question quiz and share it with your colleagues. You may learn how you fit into your organization, and discover certain strengths you weren’t aware of.

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Source: What’s Your Persona in Your Alumni Office? Take the Quiz

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